Digital Signage can be used at various places or just anywhere you want to convey your message or information.

Video Walls – You can create Video Walls with JioSignage in any form eg. 2×3, 2×2, 3×2, 3×3 etc.

Lobbies – Can be used in the lobbies of buildings to greet the customers, show relevant data, residents information etc.

Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food, Sports Bar – Digital Menu Boards can be used in restaurants where it can display menu, show discounts, display “Deal of the Day”, live sports, news, upsell products etc.

Educational Institutions – can show directions for offices or visitors, new students, show admission dates, events information, calendar, news, upcoming events etc

Retail Shops – Retails shops from Delis, grocery stores, clothing shops, electronics shop everyone can use Digital Signage to their advantage. Shops can increase their sales by displaying promotions on the windows, putting Interactive Touch Kiosks at the entrance to engage with the customers, grocery stores can show specials on products, discounts, electronic shops can display videos about new gadgets etc.

Offices – Accounting Office, Real Estate Office, Insurance office, they all can show information about their products, deadlines, discounts, promos, important links about taxes, govt. programs. Real estate offices can show their new listing, mortgage brokers information, recommendations, rental properties etc.

Salons – can showoff their new hair or skin products, hair styles, coupons, designs etc. Play videos while cutting hair, display those videos in the windows.

Hospitals & Urgent Care Centers – can show important information to visitors, insurance information, govt. plans, boast about hospital facilities, queues, parking lot information, coffee shop information etc.

Doctor’s Office – can take advantage by showing information regarding health in the visitor’s area, show their sponsorships, opening and closing hours, important numbers to call etc.

Hotels & Resorts – can boast about their accommodations, display pictures and videos of their facilities, hotel maps, meetings and events information, area attractions, numbers for local restaurants, policies, display customers testimonials etc. They can also install Self Service Kiosks with the help of our software, make video walls etc.

Casinos – can showcase their winners, jackpots, available seats at tables, restaurant information, parking lots capacity, policies, directions, internal communication etc.

Movie Theatre – can install Self Service Kiosks, show information about movies playing, show trailers, box office information, movies casting information etc.

Gymnasium – can take advantage by displaying opening and closing hours, trainers information, educational videos for customers, health information, special discounts and promotions etc.

Possibilities are endless with Digital Signage as you can display any kind of information anywhere.