With JioSignage software you can display videos, images, web pages, clock etc.

With USB attached to the TV you don’t have any freedom with the content displaying. Everytime you have to change the content you will have to remove the USB from the TV, design the new content from the graphic designer and then put it back on TV. With JioSignage you can just login to your account and change content however you want to and it gets published to the TV. You can also schedule content and it will show accordingly on the TV. With the USB you can not show live videos, graphs etc but with JioSignage you can. More ever, with the USB you can not control multiple locations but with JioSignage you can login to your account, choose your location and then edit the content and publish it. You can control 10, 20 or even 100 screens instantly. Everything is done remotely. It’s the future!

Two things – If you buy the device from us then there is no monthly cost. Some people like to use their own device eg amazon firestick since they find it cheaper. In that case its monthly charge. It’s very nominal.

You are in control of your devices. You can choose whatever android device and TV. We recommend that you choose a good quality SOC on the android device, atleast 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM and a good graphics support. For TV we recommend any high quality 4K/UHD thin bezel TV.

There is a catch. Most of the companies out there have price option as “per screen” whereas JioSignage has “per device”. So, eg. with company A you are paying as per screen price as $20/screen. This means that if with one device you are attaching 2 screens via an HDMI spiltter or Matrix then you will have to pay $35 (first screen) + $35 (second screen) = $70. With JioSignage you are paying per device price as $35. So if you have attached 2 screens with the device then you are still paying $35 only. You are not going to pay $70. So JioSignage is way cheaper than other companies. This is one of the feature that most people neglect.

The price includes the preconfigured device, it comes with HDMI cable, remote and power plug. It also comes with FREE menu that we design for you.

After you buy the device, send us your pictures and menu etc. We will design the menu for you to be displayed on the screens. After that we will send it to you to see. Any minor changes, no problem, we will do it for free. After that we setup the device and ship it you. When you receive the device just connect it to the TV and it starts displaying your menu.

Just go to buy now page find out.

JioSignage can work anywhere in the world.

We don’t believe that you will not like JioSignage at all. It’s very affordable and feature rich. If you do not like it then contact us. Ship the device back to us. You pay the shipping. Once we get the device we will check the device condition or missing items. We will deduct the price and the price of our work (remember free menu) and refund you the money. Our designers charge around $150 – $199 for a template.

No, we do not do installation. We sell CMS software and device only.

It’s super easy. Just connect the hardware/device to the TV via the HDMI cable, set proper source on the TV, then plug in to the power outlet. Once the box is On you will see the JioSignage app on the screen. Login in your credentials to the app or put your playlist key and done. Your content will be downloaded to the device and it will start playing.

Yes and No. Yes – if your content has live videos or YouTube or anything that needs an internet connection to fetch the data continuously. No – if your content is not live videos or YouTube etc. The content is basically downloaded to the box and then plays from the device. If there is no internet still your content keeps playing (except the live videos etc). Whenever you update or change the content from your account on JioSignage website you will need internet connection to the device so that device can download the updated content. Once it has downloaded the updated content then it will be stored on the device again and will keep on playing.

Yes. Check out the section on the website where it shows how to create a video wall or Click Here to go to that section.

Yes, you can. Since you are not hardware locked to us, you can. You will have to install our android app on the device. Remember that Amazon Fire TV Stick regular edition or Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K or Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite requires it to be connected to the internet all the time. If it is not connected to the internet it will show an error page that device is not connected to internet and you can not move away from that screen. This might be a problem at some setup sometimes. Whereas our device do not need to be connected to the internet all the time. Read the section above “Do I need internet to play the content on the TV”

If you are buying one time device then there is no monthly fees. If you are using your own hardware then you subscribe to monthly CMS software. It’s autocharge. Means that your Credit Card will be charged automatically every month.

Yes. Contact us for yearly payments.

No. If any issues then please contact us and we wil get back to you. Remember that you choose your own hardware and own setup so we can only support so much. If its an issue on our side we will support it but if its an issue on your side we might not be able to help you. Our servers are up 99.99%.

We have apps for Android only at this time as it’s the most popular OS.

Sure, contact us with your question and we will reply.