If you want to get straight to the answer that if you can use Amazon Fire Stick with Digital Signage, then answer is Yes. It requires few steps to make it work. The good thing is that it’s the cheapest form of hardware. You can also use Google Chromecast with Google TV but we will cover it on another post.

For a digital signage to work you need a TV and a device that can connect to your digital signage service provider. There are many high end TVs made by different companies like Sharp, NEC, Toshiba, Sony, LG etc that are made specifically for this purpose. These commercial grade TVs cost thousands of dollars. There are also many high end devices as well that are made for digital signage only. Most of the companies make these devices proprietary, meaning that in order you use their digital signage service you have to buy their device only and it costs hundreds of dollars. Expensive TVs and expensive proprietary devices may not fit an average small business budget.

For this reason JioSignage.com do not bound its customers to buy any hardware from them. Customers are free to buy hardware and setup according to their need and budget. JioSignage.com focuses on the software and it’s the best and the cheapest digital signage software in the market. One can use Amazon Firestick 4K and a UHD TV from Walmart.com or Amazon.com or BestBuy.com and use it with our service. So lets see how to make it work.

Ensure your Amazon Firestick 4K is getting enough power –

When you get the Amazon Firestick 4K you will see that it has a USB port for power. One immediately tempts to power it from the USB port from behind the TV. USB port behind the TV do not give enough power to Amazon Fire Stick 4K because it supplies only 500mA whereas firestick needs more than 1Amp. Giving less power to Firestick than it needs may turn into problems. So always use the power adapter that came with the Firestick.

Strong Wifi connection –

Amazon Fire Stick will not work if there is no internet connection. Make sure you have strong wifi connection connected to the Firestick. Not sure why Amazon made it that way, probably Amazon want it to be used primarily for streaming only. Our Digital Signage app however downloads the data locally on the device and then plays it from there but it’s the limitation of FireStick that it can not work without constant wifi connection.

Use FireTV remote app –


If you want to control your Firestick with your phone then you need to download FireTV app your phone. Below are the links to download the app on Android and iOS.

After you download the FireTV app you can use the instructions below to setup it up.

When you are onsite where the Amazon Fire Stick 4K is installed you can do below to connect to it.

  • The FireTV need to be registered (with your amazon account).
  • Logon to the remote app with the same Amazon account.

Now you will see a list of FireTVs on your network. Select the one you want to connect to. After you are connected you will see a directional pad. You can use this pad to navigate your firestick just like you are able to do on the remote. If you click on the keyboard icon on the upper right corner you will be able to use it as keyboard to type. The icon next to it will show all the apps on your firestick.

Download the Digital Signage app on your Firestick –


This process may vary from device to device and OS to OS. You can do a google search on how to sideload an app on FireStick or you can use the below instructions as well. Please use the method that best suits you.

  • Download an app on your android phone called “Apps2Fire” from Google Play Store.
  • Download the Digital Signage app on your phone as well from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the app “Apps2Fire” and click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner and then click on “Setup” > “Search Fire TV’s”. Select your FireTV. (You can go to FireTV settings to IP address of your FireTV). Once you see the IP of you FireTV then click on “Save”. Your phone is now connected to the FireTV and ready to transfer the app from your phone to FireTV.
  • Go to “Local Apps” and select the “Signage Player” app > “Install”. This should transfer the Digital Signage app on your FireTV.

Once you see the app on FireTV then click on it to open. Sign into this app with your username and password. This is the same as you sign in your JioSignage.com Studio, where you make changes to the content. Make sure the option “Start player automatically on device startup” is checked on. This will ensure that whenever the FireStick is turned On the Digital Signage app will load itself and start playing.

After sign in you will see on the search bar your screens. Select the one you want to play and it will load.

If you want to save yourself hassle, then we recommend buying our device. It comes preinstalled with the app and is plug and play. When there is a new update to the app it gets updated automatically whereas on Firestick you will have to install it yourself.

Reboot your devices at least once a day or once a week –

The commercial grade Digital Signage TVs that cost thousands of dollars are made to run 24×7 without any problems and so are the commercial grade devices. With this low cost setup it is recommended to turn off your devices once a day or once a week. This will save the life of your devices but again it depends on your setup. If you restart the FireStick the Digital Signage app will load by itself.

Flat screen, bezel less UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs these days from 40 inch to 50 inch coupled with Amazon Fire Stick 4K is one of the most, if not the most cost effective way to setup Digital Signage. These can be bought easily from Walmart.com or Amazon.com or BestBuy.com. JioSignage.com do not bound you to hardware like other companies do.

Remember that JioSignage.com offers the service on per device instead of per screen/TV. You can use a multiplexer to the device and use it on as many screens you want to and still pay the same one price (for one device only). Other companies charge you per screen/per TV. This is the reason that JioSignage.com is the choice for thousands of customers.