Believe it or not but Digital Signage is the way for every kind of business. The impact of static signs is becoming less significant. Using digital signage is the ideal choice of bringing life into any commercial environment. Can you imagine Times Square without Digital Signage screens and no advertising? There will be no attraction, no tourism. Most of the tourism revenue in NYC will go down, the local businesses restaurants, hotels, motels, gyms, stalls and everything else that depends on the tourism will fail.

Most small and medium businesses have perception that Digital Signage is very expensive. If you search online and see there are companies that are charging hundreds of dollars every month. Bu there are also companies like which provide their service at a very low cost and no contracts or commitments. They also have Free Trial for 30 days with no payment information required. It does play a critical role in helping businesses and organizations gain an edge over competitors. But, if you’re still wondering if it makes sense to leverage this marketing solution, here are several benefits of digital signage to growing your business: 

  • Attention & Hold –

Digital displays are often used on the glass panels facing outside to attract customers. Keep in mind that it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Its not just limited to stores or glass fronts. Although any kind of display can attract attention including traditional signs like posters, banners, product display boards but digital signage has one advantage and that is: Motion.

People are attracted to motion. Human beings understand it well. YouTube is more popular than Wikipedia because YouTube has motion even though both provide the information you seek for. YouTube has motion, videos and it attracts more. Most people have very short attention spans. For this this reason digital signage is perfect for grabbing the interest and holding the attention of your target audience. Moving videos and graphics can help people take notice of and remember your message.

  • Flexibility in advertising –

This is perhaps the most common use of digital signage for businesses. Since digital screens help attract and hold the attention more effectively they are used for promoting different services and products. Eg. At a cosmetic store when someone walks by the digital signage screen it can show the promotion of the day by detecting motion. This is instant. Imagine if you can do that with the static poster. A poster will not change the message.

You can introduce the passersby to the less known offering in the store. You can update and modify the content as you like and whenever you like. Think of holiday seasons where you can promote flash sales during certain hours and highlight any special upcoming promotions and sales. You can display moving images, videos, your social media pictures, stories etc. Its just flexible in the content you want to show and the place you want to show it at.

  • Reducing perceived waiting time –

Attraction is one part and distraction is another. The worst thing a customer like is waiting in checkout line. In fact when some customers see there is a long line they just tend to drop the merchandise and leave. Some even look for a time of the day when the store is not busy for shopping. Unfortunately, there will be time when lines will be long especially during holidays season, black friday sales etc. You cannot avoid them.

This is where digital signage can be helpful. Imagine at the place where there is long line and you can show information, new, events and store promotions etc on the digital signage. It will smoothen the process of checkout for the customer and distract their frustration from building up. At the same you can advertise your products as well.

  • Low cost –

Digital signage for small and medium businesses is very easy to deploy. All you need is a medium to show (TV), a device to show the content (physical device) and Internet (for updating content). That’s all you need. You can hang the TV wherever you want to show the information and then connect the device to the TV. Its very simple. There has been a misinformation in businesses that digital signage costs a lot of money but as its getting popular small business owners are getting more interested in asking questions about how it works.

Unlike traditional methods you don’t have to print posters, billboards, take them down and put new ones back again up. It’s a lot of hassle and costs more money. Just put a TV once and then change the content however you like, remotely. Its super easy. Just calculate the cost of posters and printing and then see how much cost each month. You will find out that its much cheaper and reduces running cost and saves money.

  • Internal communications –

Digital signage is not only for customers but for internal communication as well. Imagine a company has 5 locations and they have installed digital signage in all those 5 locations. There is a time when a new company policy update needs to be sent across the organization. This can be achieved with the digital signage. With one click this information can be displayed on all the screens in all 5 locations.

Above is just one example whereas it can be used for other communications as well eg guiding staff, training, employee motivation, employee of the month etc.

Of course the above 5 reasons are just a few that digital signage can be useful for. It is useful for a lot of various reasons. If you are not using the digital signage for your business yet then you are missing out on the benefits. If you hesitant on the cost and want to see how it works without paying then you can try Digital Signage Free for 30 days. No payment information is required.