Video Wall is basically a multi TV setup where TVs are installed next to each other to make one big screen. The monitors/TVs have narrow bezel to avoid any picture loss. If the bezels are big then the picture on the setup will cutoff and wont look good. The kind of TVs to choose depend on your requirement. For commercial projects we recommend professional commercial grade digital signage TVs.

Video wall can be made in the setup of 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 etc. The TVs are attached to a device called matrix that controls them. JioSignage device connects to the matrix that send the video to the matrix and matrix sends it to the TVs. The device runs the JioSignage software and that software can be controlled from the website. Anything you create on the JioSignage website gets pushed to device, device sends it to the matrix and matrix sends it to the TVs.

The benefit of having multiple TVs instead of one big TV is that different TVs can be controlled differently and displayed differently. If for any reason we need to replace one TV it can be replaced easily as well.

There are many other ways to make a video wall. You can read more about that on Wikipedia by clicking here.

Where can we use Video Walls –

Where can we use Video Walls – Video walls can be used anywhere eg. at home to make a home theatre system. Projectors are outdated these days and more and more people are installing video walls at their home theatre system. Video wall can be used at the entrance of corporate locations, hotel lobbies, resorts, hospitals, clubs, lounge. Smaller 2×2 video wall can be used at small offices eg. accounting office, insurance office, doctor’s office etc. It all depends on your requirement.

Please see the picture below where we have shown how to make a 2×2 video wall.

how video wall works & how to make one
How to make a video wall with JioSignage Digital Signage Software

various ways to make a video wall
Various ways to make a video wall