Restaurant business is ever growing business in not just United States but all around the world. During the unfortunate times in Covid we have seen that food was something that was selling. Restaurants were allowed to be open in Covid so that people can eat. Food delivery industry rose during this time as well.

Now that the world is opening again and coming back to normal restaurants are getting busy more than ever. Restaurant owners are using ways now to advertise themselves and attract more customers. This has led to a sharp increase in Digital Signage being used in restaurant industry along with many other industries. In fact restaurants have come with the term themselves “Digital Menu Board”. Lets see how Digital Signage can help restaurants attract more customers.

Digital Menu – Ease of changing the Menu items.

In traditional restaurants you have to have a designer design the menu and then print it on paper. You have to pay the designer and then pay for the printing cost. If you have to make change in the menu you have to hire the designer again and print the menu again. Printing paper has recently gone up and thus the printing prices as well. According to a report by Staples (link below as well) the price of the paper has gone up.

BUT with Digital Signage you can cut this cost. You can use 2 or 3 or 4 high definition TVs and display your menu on them. You can login to the backend of your JioSignage Digital Signage Studio and change the menu however you like. You can also schedule the different timings for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and it will change and display by itself. Its very easy and powerful which paper menus cant to.  

Advertise Specials Offers –

You can advertise daily special offers, time sensitive offers and upcoming deals. Since the software is hosted on cloud you don’t have to print anything and change it manually. You can advertise your deals and increase sales. You can upsell the menu, display most popular items, display variants, ingredients and nutrient information.

Engage and keep customers calm –

There are times when the restaurant is busy and there are long lines. Customers do not like to wait in long lines. They want quick service. To deescalate any situations may arise you can display news, videos, company information, social media and brand awareness and/or promotions on your TV. This can engage customers and distract them while they wait in line. You can also put a TV in the dining room where customers can eat and watch the news etc.

Increase walkin – Display on the front glass –

Pretty much every restaurant has glass windows or glass front. This is the place where they put big posters to attract customers walking on the street. Especially in franchises these posters are sent by them but in small franchises or individually owned restaurants these costs of posters is paid by the owners. If a deal changes then you have to remove the poster and put a new one. The old poster gets thrown away and it’s a waste of money. Instead of big posters you can hang a big 40 inch to 50 inch flat bezel less high definition TV on the glass front and display your information. You can show beautiful videos of your promotions. Posters can not shows videos. They show only static information. This increases the walkin to the store immensely. According to a research (link below as well) moving images attract more than static images.

Imagine you are walking on the street during the lunch hour. You pass by a restaurant that is showing video of melting cheese, crispy chicken, fresh lettuce and tomato on the bun and then there is another restaurant next to it that has a poster only. Which one is going to tempt you to go in?

Customer Reviews –

You can share your customer reviews on your TVs. This can be done by selecting the social media widgets and adding them to the screen. When you login to the JioSignage Digital Signage Studio backend you will see that its very easy to drag and drop the social media widget and use it. When you share your customers reviews on your big TVs, other customers see it as well. This boosts the confidence and increase sales.

Let say a customer has posted a 5 star review with his picture of “Hot & Spicy Special Crispy Chicken Burger”. Now when a customer is standing in line waiting to order sees that review, chances are he is going to order the same burger when his turn comes. If the employee behind the cash register tells the customer to try their “Hot & Spicy Special Crispy Chicken Burger” the customer might not take it but if he sees someone else promoting your item with the 5 star review and the picture it increases the chances. This is amazing and powerful. The digital signage does the selling for you.

Ofcourse above are not the only benefits for a restaurant. Every restaurant has their own structure, design and requirements and digital signage software can be used accordingly. But digital signage is the way to go.

  • We at do not bound you to buy the hardware from us.
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