This option is good if you use your own device. JioSignage is basically a software that controls everything. Everything is on the cloud. You don’t need any servers, any machines, no need to install anything, no need for maintenance or updates, no need to hire any developers etc. All you need is a computer or laptop or tablet with an internet connection. You go to website and login to your account and control everything. One can select a template, edit it, create his own and publish it so that the content gets displayed on the TV.

There are many things that you can do with the software. is the most feature rich and easy to use drag and drop software.

Templates – Use Premade Customizable Templates or can make your own template from scratch in horizontal and vertical orientation. Templates can be published in Vertical (for Kiosks) or Horizontal modes. If you make your own template you can split the screen to display various content simultaneously.

Widgets – There are many live content widgets to choose from. It’s highly customizable.

Scheduling – can help you schedule display the content eg. Show specific content at breakfast time, different menu and promotion at lunch time etc. You can schedule auto play by days and time eg to play specific content on Monday from 1pm – 2pm etc. You can also set the duration of your content eg. to display it for 10 seconds or 20 seconds or 60 seconds etc. Schedule to play a particular playlist or not.

Reporting – You can check how long the player has been playing, online connectivity, device OS information, version information, at what location is it playing, how many players at a location etc. Gather report by month, week or day. Reports can be exported to Excel in CSV format.

Clock – You can show local time or a world time clock on your screen. You can also set it geographically.

Images – You can upload your own images or select from the existing ones. Images can be cropped or resized.

Scrolling News and Text – You can show scrolling news from CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC etc. with or without pictures.

Dynamic Slideshows – You can create presentations with pictures and videos or just pictures. Create a slide shows in the template many times, set speed etc.

Upload your own mp4 videos – Can’t find a video on YouTube not a problem. You can upload your own video in mp4 format and play it. Since most of the media is stored on the device, Live videos or videos from YouTube do not. So if you loose internet connectivity the video from YouTube will not play. So this feature is good and upload your own video and it plays whatsoever.

Live Weather and Clock – You can show live weather and clock from any part of the world.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yammer – You can show your social media feeds on your screen to engage customers and attract them.

Display any webpage – Need to show a webpage in your content, not a problem. Put the url of the webpage and it will display on the screen. If you have a specific data or chart online at a webpage, you can add the url to that page/data and it displays on the screen. Good feature for corporate events.

Play YouTube, UStream videos – Add the link for the YouTube video and it will play on the TV. You can also show live UStream of your live events. Good feature for broadcasting on a big screen.

Manage a single display or multiple displays – You can manage in your backend a single display/screen/TV or multiple. You are in full control of your management, content and data.

Upload your own files and content – Any custom file you have and want to display, you got it. Just upload it and you are good to go.

Custom text ticker – You can add custom text and display it as ticker or scrolling eg. “Happy B’Day Michelle” displaying on your office.

Scrolling text – Add text and run it scrolling on the screen. Good for communication any quick message or important information or announcement across various locations.

Customer Queue – for customers eg. restaurant or doctor’s clinic. With this feature you can add a queue. Customers can add themselves to the queue and take a number so that don’t loose position in line. eg. customer takes his number 8 at a queue in a restaurant, leave for 15 minutes and come back and still have their place “8” in the queue.

Countdown timer – Good feature for creating excitement about upcoming sale or promotion.

Get files from ftp – If you have some files in your server you can put your ftp login information and retrieve them and display them on the screen.

Live Stream – You have live channel in m3u format, you can put the link for it and can display live tv. If you have a device that has “HDMI In” port you can plugin your local eg. DishNetwork or DirectTV and show that program on your TV/Screen along with your other data.

Calendar – Add link to your calendar and show it on the TV/screen. Good feature for showing upcoming webinars or seminars in an office environment.

RSS Feed – You can display RSS feeds from anywhere. Add the url of the RSS feed and save it. Data from RSS feed will be displayed automatically.

Raw html can be embedded – You want to add raw html code, you can do it. Maybe you hired a developer for your website and he gave you some code to display on your signage. You can just add that code and its done.

Touch Kiosk – You can create interactive kiosks with touch screen, something similar to you see in Mc. Donalds.