What is Digital Signage

Traditionally we use posters and flyers and menus for advertising. The issue is that every time we need to promote a new promotion or sale or change the information we have to print the posters again and stick them. Also only so much message can be printed on a poster. With Digital Signage you can put a TV at the place of the poster, connect a device to the TV and then through the software you can publish all your promotions in the form of pictures, slideshows, videos, widgets, RSS, Live TV, Metrics. With the help of the software you can control and change the promotion any time you want and any how you want. You can access the software from anywhere where you have the internet. eg. You are in New York and your TV is in California. You can change your content while sitting in New York and it will get changed and display on the TV in California. You can also click here to read what Wikipedia says.

Its just as simple as that.

How does it work

  • Install your TV wherever you want to and attach device to the TV.
  • Login to your account.
  • Choose premade templates and edit and create your content.
  • Choose your TV location and you are done!

It's pretty simple and easy to do.

What can it do

  • YouTube and Ustream live videos
  • Create and update playlists
  • Admin controls with multi-user control
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter integration
  • Customizable template library with drag & drop widgets

Plus a lot more options like scheduling, spreadsheets, clock etc.

Attach more than 1 screen to 1 device & pay only 1 price :)

Because we are #1 in the Digital Signage in the market

Drag & Drop Software

We know that one has to wear many hats in order to manage their business. We have made sure that managing Digital Signage should not be a daunting task or another skill to learn. So, JioSignage is all drag & drop software. You do not need to learn any coding. Drag & Drop any widget to your template and click on Save.
Select Template
Drag Widget

Free Templates Ready To Go

You do not have to learn or design anything. You can use our FREE PreMade templates in either Landscape or Portrait Mode (for Touch Kiosks). You can design one also from scratch if you want to OR if you do not have time then we can design one for you. Click Here. You can use as many as playlists with many different templates. It's super easy.

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